There are countless reasons that home and business garbage can cleaning services are beneficial to everyone. The CanMan Trash Can Cleaning offers commercial cleanings as well as home.

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Garbage Can Cleaning For Everyone

There’s a reason why people opt for trash collection services. In the United States alone, people produce nearly five pounds of waste per day, or 292.4 million tons a year. That’s a lot of trash. Many people enjoy curbside trash pickup and recycling services, but haven’t considered one important thing: keeping their bins clean. Cleaning services for bins and dumpsters tend to be an afterthought, if at all. Many people think a quick wash with a hose is enough to get things clean, but without proper sanitization, odors and bacteria stick around for months. So water is wasted, but with nothing to show in return. No matter whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, monthly garbage bin cleaning services can prevent plenty of headaches. From environmental protection, top-tier sanitation, and pest prevention, including routine cleaning services for your trash can or dumpster provides for everyone.

Home & Business Garbage Can Cleaning Services: Save Time and Money

Save Money with garbage can cleaning services

People commonly think that doing everything themselves can save more money in the long run. Especially when it comes to their trash. Dumpster rentals can range from $200 to nearly $1,000 a month depending on the size and location. Many people and businesses try to cut costs where they can, hoping that doing dumpster and bin cleaning themselves can save some cash. Unfortunately, the time spent trying to manually clean your trash bins isn’t actually worth it in the long run.

Most people who manually clean their bins don’t understand the amount of water they are using, wasting gallons every time a bin needs cleaning. Attempting a DIY cleaning runs up the water bill. American families waste 180 gallons of water a week, so imagine the amount wasted from an untrained dumpster cleaning.

Without knowledge of efficient cleaning practices, people spend hours trying to sanitize their trash bins. In reality, a lot of that time could be dedicated to doing the things you love, spending time with friends and family, or working towards building your business in other ways. Let professionals handle it so you can handle what matters more to you.

What Makes Us Different?

Trash collectors only pick up trash but don’t handle sanitation or smell. Plus, unlike other trash bin cleaning services, we offer the most efficient curbside and self-contained washing services. We also offer dumpster pad cleaning, a thorough sanitization of the concrete slabs used to house dumpsters. Our self-contained system leaves no mess, trash or dirty water (AKA “trash juice”) behind and filters it before it returns to the city’s sewage system!