Merry Christmas from The CanMan!

Trash Can Cleaning is a service that not only sterilizes the dirtiest item near your home but also provides you with amazing customer service. We all have that one hard to buy for relatives. So why not bless her with clean, healthy, and sterilized garbage bins?  It is the gift that keeps on giving!

Not only do you get a sound piece of mind that your loved one is in a healthy environment but you can finally gift them with a creative present!

Trash Can Cleaning The Colony holiday cleaning

Good trash can cleaning in Plano, Texas is hard to find. The CanMan Trash Can Cleaning is a service provided to local areas of North Texas including Plano, The Colony, McKinney, and more.

Have Clean Bins!

Having clean garbage bins can prevent many health risks associated with the contaminated bin. Rinsing it out with soap and water is not enough to kill all the bacteria that have gathered and grown over the years. Our trash can cleaning equipment can fully sterilize your trash can, preventing foul odors.

You can read more about the Top Reasons to Clean Your Trash Cans.

Clean Cans After The Holidays

Let’s face it; trash cans are a dirty business! Especially after the holidays. Imagine all the bacteria and germs growing on the holiday leftovers. That fruitcake that no one ate, the stockpile of diapers from the grandkids… so much grime! We are here to help you clean your bins of holiday sludge!

NO more dirty cans!