Why Use a Trash Can Cleaning Service?

Part of the average person’s weekly routine includes putting the garbage and recycling bins on the curb for pickup. We should put more thought into the actual cleanliness of our trash cans, particularly after they’ve held rotting and decomposing trash for days (or years) on end. Cleaning a trash can by hand is not at the top of anyone’s to-do list. So why shouldn’t you leave it as is? Below are some reasons to take the gloves off and consider using a trash can cleaning service!


trash can bacteria

1. Germs, Bacteria, and Viruses:

Garbage bins are a cesspool for dangerous germs, bacteria, and viruses due to the trash and biological products that decompose in them. Unfortunately, your entire family risks exposure to these harmful germs quickly multiplying in your trash cans. Generally, foodborne illnesses like salmonella and E.coli pose a severe risk to your health, and they thrive in these containers.  Biological waste like diapers and medical supplies are other serious contaminants in trash bins that lead to potential health risks. The CanMan Trash Can Cleaning Services will thoroughly sterilize your trash cans and guarantee the removal of bacteria, foul odors, and pesky insects.


Enviornmentally Friendly Trash Can Cleaning

2. Environmentally-Friendly:

Attempting to self-clean your garbage cans is potentially dangerous to the environment. Undoubtedly, the chemicals you use to clean will find their way into storm drains, lawns, and streets, potentially harming your local ecosystem. Additionally, self-cleaning consumes 15x more water than our trash can cleaning equipment. The CanMan Trash Can Cleaning Service is a great alternative and uses only eco-friendly materials to sanitize your bins. Our state-of-the-art garbage can sanitation units will also catch, store, and dispose of the leftover cleaning liquid. Isn’t that fantastic news?!

3. Trash Can Cleaning Service Provides Professional Assurance:

The average person lacks the appropriate tools and professional expertise to properly de-sanitize a garbage bin. Self-cleaning your trash can is inefficient in killing the harmful bacteria it possesses. Not only does it not kill the bacteria, it directly exposes you to these dangerous germs.  Our trash can cleaning professionals eliminate the dangerous bacteria contained within your bin. Your garbage cans are thoroughly sanitized and touchable when the process is complete. We, as a trash can cleaning service, will leave you with peace of mind knowing that your trash bins are clean without question.

Professional Trash Can CLeaning Service

Trash bin cleaning is better left to the professionals. Clean bins limit the exposure of harmful bacteria and germs to you and your family.

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