Each day we toss a wide assortment of things into our trash cans…

The coffee grounds left over after your morning caffeine boost. The egg shells from yesterday morning’s omelet. Everything you’ve sucked up around the house after emptying the vacuum cleaner. Fruit and vegetables that you swore you would eat, but never got around to it and they went bad in the fridge. The list goes on and on, and the longer the list gets, the more you begin to realize it’s time to have your cans cleaned on a regular basis.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Have Your Trash Can Cleaned

1. The Smell

If you find yourself holding your breath every time you take the trash out, it’s time to schedule a trash can cleaning!

2. The Dirt

Have you looked at the inside of your trash can recently? Chances are that there is grime and dirt buildup in the corners from the weekly garbage accumulation – meat juices, sugary drink spills and fruit and vegetable cores, peels and skins. The garbagemen may remove the bulk of it, but some is always left behind.

3. The Bacteria

Not only may the trash can look and/or smell disgusting, but did you know it’s also dangerous for your household? Tons of bacteria love making a home out of your can, and one simple touch of your trash can will leave your hand covered in this bacteria. It’s then transferred throughout your house as you make your way back inside, which can lead to illness!

4. You Have Better Things To Do

So we have established that your trash can is probably smelly and dirty. It’s something I’m sure you have been aware of for a long time. The chore that you know has been needing done but is WAY down on your priority list.

The truth is, you have better things to do than to clean your trash can. You have had a long day at work. You have to walk the dog. Your kid forgot to tell you they have a science project due tomorrow that they haven’t started. The latest season of your favorite Netflix show just dropped.

While you gag each time you open the lid, or hold your breath to avoid the stench, it still isn’t a priority or something that you necessarily want to do.

5. You Are No Good At Cleaning Your Trash Can

Let’s imagine a world where you aren’t busy and you have time to try to clean your trash can.

First of all, you’re just no good at it. Furthermore, you will likely use a lot of water, some harsh cleaning solutions, ruin your t-shirt, soak yourself, and struggle to reach inside the trash can to clean thoroughly. On a more serious note, the wash water will wind its way down your street or alley carrying all the crud that was inside. The stench that was previously resident in your trash can is now acquainting itself with your neighbors… and in this case, sharing is not caring!

The CanMan provides trash can cleaning in Rockwall County, Texas and surrounding areas

All you have to do is select a plan, create an account, and then The CanMan will be on the way in no time to make your trash cans sparkling clean! We use high-tech, high-pressure, and high-heat cleaning techniques to leave your cans looking and smelling great. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!