Have you ever opened the lid of your trash can only to be greeted by the horrifying view of flies and maggots who have made a home in your can? If so, you need to find a way to keep these pests out of your trash so it doesn’t happen again.

Luckily for you, The CanMan has some great tips on how to keep these guys out of your cans and prevent a giant mess on your property.

Keep the Trash Can Securely Closed

We recommend placing a heavy object, such as a large rock, brick, or cinder block on top of the garbage. This will help keep the pests out of your bin. However, if you suspect you’re dealing with a bigger pest, then try tying a bungee cord over the garbage to keep the can secured in place!

Rinse Containers Before Throwing Them Out

Rinse all bottles, packaging, and containers that have food or drink residue on them before putting it in your trash can. Even bottles that held lotions or shampoos should be rinsed since these pests don’t always distinguish between food and other sweet smells.

Start Composting

Another option to avoid the accumulation of flies and maggots is to get a compost bin or start a compost pile.  Not only is it great for the environment, it will keep the number of edibles out of your garbage can. The less amount of items that smell good to these pests, the less amount of flies and maggots you will find regularly making a home out of your cans!

Keep Your Trash Can Inside

Consider moving your trash can to an indoor location like your garage or carport. If possible, keep your garbage indoors until it’s closer to garbage day so it reduces the chance of smells attracting flies and maggots. Along with this, make sure all bags you place in the can are securely tied.

While following these tips on how to keep flies and maggots out of your can will help, it also means you’ll be handling your trash can a lot more. To help reduce germs & other odors that may attract pests, sign up for The CanMan today! We help keep your cans clean, which means much less bacteria that could be passed through your household, as well as less flies and maggots making a home out of your cans!