The New Year has arrived, and with that comes new resolutions for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. We have updated our service to next day can cleaning service! This means we will now be cleaning your cans the day after your trash has been collected.

Why the Change?

As a part of our commitment to providing the best service possible, we recently updated our process for our can cleaning service.

Previously, if our team arrived at a location before the waste collection trucks, we would go the extra mile to remove the trash for customers. Unfortunately, this took up to two hours of driving each day to check whether the cans were empty before cleaning them. We decided that saving time was preferable and now focus on ensuring that all receptacles are kept as clean as possible without using any additional time.

This allows us to provide efficient, safe, and high-quality service while saving time so that more customers can be serviced in a day.

HOA Rules & Regulations

If you are concerned about your HOA, we have found a solution that’s worked for many of the communities we serve. Anyone who has already been switched to the next day service will have a bright blue and green sticker applied to the trash can(s). This sticker serves as a reminder to your community that your can(s) are out for cleaning on either the one morning per month or quarter, depending on what plan you have.

A Few More Things to Note…

Please be sure to leave your can(s) empty after the trash and recycling is removed. Along with this, please make sure the can(s) are easily accessible for our team so we can leave them nice and clean for you! Forgot and left a trash bag in your can? No worries. We will remove up to one trash bag for you, clean your can, and place the bag back in your can for you.

Our service starts bright and early at 7:30 AM, so all cleanings will be completed in the early afternoon. Once the cleaning is done, we will bring your can(s) back up to your garage, or gate, whichever applies to your home.

We recognize how important it is for everyone in the community to maintain a healthy living space this year—and beyond! Our team of experienced professionals is here to make sure that happens by providing top-notch curbside trash can cleaning services. If you have any questions on our next day cleaning service, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.